Southern Region Water Board

Long time partner of the Board VEI an organization that first partnered with the Board to improve performance management has now partnered with the Board in a project to extend Zomba main scheme to Changalume low income areas (LIA). The project also includes the construction of 10 community water points in the same.

The project known as Water for Life has been embarked on to insure that 6000 people in the area are provided with access to drinking water. Its implementation entails a reduction of incidences of waterborne diseases in the area that has since relied on silty groundwater from boreholes, hand dug wells or surface water from rivers.

The project scope also includes awareness campaigns and civic education programs on the importance of good hygiene conditions and the importance of safe potable drinking water. The campaigns have targeted communities , who are stakeholders, to ensure the community water points are a success.

Community engagement meeting in Namadidi